Wake up to the west coast. Explore one of the world's wild places, then grab a latte
Outline of New Zealand with the west coast highlighted. West Coast of the southern alps logo, in words.

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Greymouth Street Races

Oct. 23, 2016

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West Coast Events

11 March 17

Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

Come and find out #What'sWild? Saturday 11th March 2017 at the iconic Hokitika Wildfoods Festival ...
03 July 16

Sheesha & Shreds

from 6.30pm - late (summer); 7pm - 10.30 (winter), free entry. $20 for Sheesha hire
Glacier Country READ MORE

Latest from The Coast


12 August 16

South Island: 8 places you must visit this winter

Winter is the perfect opportunity for you to rediscover some of the best spots in ...

When Remoteness Becomes An Opportunity


West Coast town gets name change in honour of Pokemon game



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Natural mineral pink sand on the beach near #charlestonnewzealand #westcoastnz #pinksand

About the West Coast

The West Coast is made up of eight geographically diverse regions each with it’s own character.

The pace of life here is so relaxing, you might just pack away your cellphone (unless it has a camera function). If you want to know what's what and find answers to those nitty gritty questions, this is the page for you. Here you can get information and assistance with your holiday on the West Coast.

You can see what people are saying in our blog, find information about the Department of Conservation and responsible camping, see what essential services are available on the West Coast, learn about our weather and climate, find a West Coast i-SITE information centre and more. Start planning your West Coast holiday today by browsing our visitor information links below.
Outline of New Zealand with the west coast region coloured in blue.

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