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West Coast Events

11 March 17

Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

Come and find out #What'sWild? Saturday 11th March 2017 at the iconic Hokitika Wildfoods Festival ...
01 February 17

Love Your Place: Photography Competition

Westport & Karamea READ MORE

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15 February 17

New series of 'Coast New Zealand' being filmed in the South Island

The popular BBC-TVNZ show Coast is being filmed on the South Island's West Coast, featuring ...

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@wildboy_adventures loving the West Coast and everything we offer! Stoked to have you here @wildboy_adventures #westcoastnz
We have it all. Feel like bragging looking at the photos we've been tagged in today! 🙏Photo credit: @theworldisacircus #westcoastnz
A sunset that just keeps giving and you get to this point of pink in the sky! Photo credit: @rooftopantics #westcoastnz
The northern part of the West Coast is sub tropical ☀️ has nikau palm trees 🌴 and good surf 🏄🏼. Come check out our part of the island 🌏🏝 photo credit: @melissawaldren #westcoastnz

About the West Coast

The West Coast of New Zealand is an untamed natural wilderness.

The West Coast of New Zealand is an untamed natural wilderness, with scenery so stunning it takes your breath away and sunsets so impressive even Instagram told us to tone it down.
It takes a while to get around the largest region in New Zealand but the journey is the best bit from the highest of mountains and stunning coastal scenery to copious rainforests and absolutely everything in between – you’re just spoilt for choice all of the way. Along your journey you will meet Coasters (real kiwi locals) who will provide you with true Kiwi hospitality. Discover an abundance of nature so astounding, it’ll leave an impression for years to come.

Key attractions: Oparara Arches, Pancake Rocks and Blow Holes, Lake Brunner, Hokitika Gorge, Franz Josef and Fox Glacier, Haast World Heritage Area.
Outline of New Zealand with the west coast region coloured in blue.