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Jade Country Hokitika Westland

Four Reasons to Love The Jade Country Hokitika Westland Area

Jade Country - wildlife biking

NATURE AND WILDLIFE - The natural wilderness is at its finest in Jade Country. This is a Bird Watchers paradise, with a fascinating mixture of both sea and land native birds. Discover more about our birds and wildlife

Jade Country pounamu 2

POUNAMU/JADE - Prized now as it always has been, Hokitika is the place to get close up and personal with this precious stone. You can view it, buy it, carve it, be educated about it or even find some along the beach. Discover Pounamu in Jade Country

Hokitika Gorge

Hokitika  Known as the "cool little town" Hokitika hosts a multitude of great shops, galleries and cafes situated right on the beach. Hokitika is known for its great walks is an entry to the popular West Coast Wilderness Trail. Learn about Hokitika.

Jade Country - whitebait

WHITEBAITING -  known as "white gold" around here...those little itty bitty fishy delicacies that have us mere mortals desperate to catch 'bait'. Whitebait heaven right on the West Coast. Read about all the great fishing here.

 Kumara, Hokitika, Ross, Pukekura, HariHari

Jade country

The birthplace of Pounamu

Made in the heart of the earth, shaped by countless rivers, carved by master craftsman, Pounamu - also known as New Zealand jade or greenstone - is at the heart of Jade Country. The area teems with galleries due to the large artisan community and also boasts some unique attractions including the "must do" West Coast Treetop Walkway and the Hokitika Gorge. Hokitika is a cool beachside town with two nearby lakes and if you fancy an easy cycle, the new West Coast Wilderness Trail traverses historic trails through the interesting townships of Kumara and Ross via Hokitika. Harihari has an aviation history with the first trans-Tasman flight mistakenly ending up upside down in the local swamp.

Jade Country includes Kumara and takes in Hokitika, Pukekura and HariHari.



Best places to visit in Jade Country


Conveniently located half way between Greymouth and Hokitika you will find the historic town of Kumara. As an entry or exit point to the new West Coast Wilderness Trail, Kumara has enjoyed a recent revitalisation. The local community has spent much time and effort in creating historic attractions which bring the rich history of the area to life for visitors. The area is known for its West Coast hospitality and has a history of sawmilling and gold mining, with a large gold dredge once working the nearby Taramakau River. There is a gas station, dairy and a lovingly refurbished hotel which offers dining and accommodation in Kumara.

Kumara History

 The Theatre Royal Hotel, back in the goldmining era.

Back in 1876 Kumara was the site of New Zealand’s last great gold rush and boasted 50 public bars. It was also home to the Coast's most famous resident Richard Seddon - still New Zealand’s longest serving Prime Minister. This history is displayed on a series of large pictorial panels in the centre of town and you can also walk the Heritage Walkway where the panels are placed on the site of the actual stories.

There are several short walks to historical sites in Kumara to do. Londonderry Rock is worth a visit. This walk passes over tailings and old gold workings, ending with a view of Londonderry Rock - a huge boulder too large for miners to move or break. Visit the old Swimming Pool where groups used to gather to swim and play in the 1930s.

Gold mining history is evident in areas just south of Kumara including Goldsborough and Stafford.

Visit all of the West Coast's deeply historical sites.

Kumara Activities  Biking Taipo Valley

Being near the Taramakau River and the ocean, Kumara offers many activities for such a small town.

Fishing is popular on the river and at the river mouth and hunting is available in the nearby mountains, kayaking on the nearby Kapitea Dam is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon and a gloworm dell is situated in the town centre.

Visit the town as an overnight stop or start/end point of your cycle on the four day, easy West Coast Wilderness Trail – a good place to rest that saddle sore butt!

Kumara hosts some of the West Coast's largest and most popular events. including the annual Kumara Horse Races. Thousands don fancy hats and flock to town for a bet and a bit of family fun. Kumara Beach is the starting point for world premier multi-sport race Speight’s Coast to Coast. It is a real buzz to watch the race start at dawn on such a picturesque beach.

Find out all of the events currently on in the West Coast

Ross  Gold mining back in the day at Ross

Just south of Hokitika is Ross, famous for being the spot where New Zealand’s largest ever gold nugget was unearthed - the “Roddy Nugget”, weighing a massive 3.1kg.

Learn about the town's heritage and hire a gold pan to try your hand at the Ross Goldfields Information Centre – you might just find your own “Roddy”. Alternatively, head to the river where there is also a public gold fossicking area.

The Ross Historic Goldfields walks offer a range of fun with mine tunnel entrances, mining relics and an historic cemetery on show. They are great fun for the family. There is even a curio room available for free viewing.

Near Ross is the Totara Valley, a good place for an easy half day mountain bike.

Between Pukekura and Harihari

 Lake Ianthe

Pukekura - population of 2! This small town is world famous for its Possum Pies and the Bushman Centre, where a you can see a film about ‘How the West Coast was Tamed’.

Like many lakes in this part of the Coast Lake Ianthe was hollowed out during the dying stages of the last great ice age 14,000 years ago. There are two beautiful picnic spots and a Department of Conservation camping ground here.

Hari Hari has the widest main street in the South Island and is a great money earner for police with their speed detectors! It is a little known fact that Hari Hari is the landing site of the first solo Trans-Tasman flight. Australian Guy Menzies went off course during his 1931 flight and 11 hours 45 minutes after leaving Sydney crash landed upside down in the La Fontaine swamp. There is a replica of his biplane on the main road. The 2.5 hours Hari Hari Coastal walk here is well worth the effort.

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