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WEst coast travel trade

Kia Ora, nǐ hǎo, guten tag, bonjour, hola, gidday, konnichiwa, namaste, anyoung haseyo and welcome to our West Coast of the Southern Alps Travel Trade resources page. The Travel Trade is the single most important contributer to our regional tourism industry - we welcome you and all your customers to the wonderful West Coast - as voted #8 out of the Top 10 Regions in the World for 2014 by Lonely Planet.

Tourism West Coast can help you with:

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West Coast New Zealand Trade Fact Sheets

West Coast Trade Mini Fact Sheet

West Coast Trade Full Fact Sheet


West Coast Images

Click here to view our West Coast Image Library - so many fanatstic images to choose from.


West Coast New Zealand Trade Manual

The West Coast trade manual is the quintessential guide to tourism operators on the West Coast from accommodation all the way through to activities - created for the travel industry, conference and incentives market, retail travel agents and anyone wanting to know more about what we have to offer.

2015 West Coast Trade Manual


West Coast Key Tourism Statistics

The West Coast Region is:

Commercial Accommodation Monitor May 2015 - West Coast

NZ Key Tourism Statistics 22 July 2015

NZ Key Tourism Statistics 2013

NZ Tourism Strategy 2015

Trade Training resources

Tourism New Zealand (trade training)

Tourism New Zealand - downloadable map (West Coast)


Trade Familiarisations

Tourism West Coast familiarisation (famil) programmes bring influential media,  senior managers, product managers and retail front-line agents to the West Coast of New Zealand every year.

What a great way to get to know what awesome products we have available, first hand.  Come and experience unique activities, immerse yourself in the culture of the West Coast and discover new and fabulous products so that you can become as expert as selling the West Coast of the Southern Alps as we are.

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