Getting here

There are three main ways to get to the West Coast, depending on where you're coming from. Each offers a stunning blend of scenery to please even the most picky nature-lover.

Travelling around the West Coast of the Southern Alps, New Zealand is an experience in itself.

The table below provides travel distances and times as a guideline. The state highways and roads are well maintained but are often winding and offer a wealth of scenic views, so take your time and take it in.

How to get to the West Coast

Distances and times to the West Coast

We've compliled a comprehensive chart showing information on travel distances and travel times within the West Coast and to or from surrounding regional locations. Note: it is a guideline only - Driving times and distances are approximate and allow for rest stops, road conditions, etc.

West Coast State Highway and road conditions

For State Highway and Road closure information and road/weather warnings, visit the New Zealand Transport Authority's website for accurate, up to date information on all West Coast roads and to register for On The Move email alerts.

West Coast itineraries

There's something for everyone on the West Coast. Have a look at some of our great itineraries for some ideas:

A quick-fire road trip around The Coast

One for the history lovers

Tranz Alpine

The TranzAlpine is rated as one of the world’s best train journeys, travelling from one coast of New Zealand to the other, over the spectacular Southern Alps.

Hokitika Airport

Hokitika Airport is the largest airport on the West Coast with direct daily flights with Air New Zealand link flights direct from Christchurch.

Westport Airport

The Westport Airport provides Passenger, Commercial and Recreational operations and is a mere five minute drive from the town centre. The Airport terminal was refurbished in 2007, and provides high standards of passenger comfort.