Leveraging Wiki - Hokitika

11am to 12pm
Sept. 25, 2020

Wikipedia is a window to the world, and every place’s public face. Wikipedia articles are in the first few search results of any topic, and most visitors to the West Coast are getting their information from Google and Wikipedia.

We need to make sure the information visitors are seeing is detailed, comprehensive and accurate. Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia, not a marketing tool, and although you cannot use it directly to promote your business there are other options.

  • Wikivoyage – free travel guide
  • Wikimedia Commons – free image library

As part of the West Coast Wikipedian at Large project, join Dr Mike Dickison to learn what you can do to raise the profile of the West Coast and your business.

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This workshop is primarily for tourism operators; if you would like to learn how Wikipedia works and how to edit it, come along to the all-day public workshop being run in Greymouth on Saturday, 12th September.

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