Gold Trail Mountain Bike Ride

From 7:30am
Feb. 7, 2021
Under 18: $39.00 Adults: $79.00
Grey District

Gold Trail is an amazing Mountain Bike Ride from Shantytown to Moana through the history of the West Coast and the Gold Trails of our ancestors.

Race Information

First, if you haven't entered Sunday's Gold Trail, you can by Clicking Here
Late Entries are open Online until Midnight Thursday

Second, Race Pack pick up is on Saturday 6 February at Monteith's Brewery on Herbert Street Greymouth between 3:00pm and 6:00pm

If you want to pick up multiple packs, you can do, to make it faster please email with the names of the people you are picking up and we will have these ready for you.

Third, please read the following information prior to Race Day, Sunday.
This race is going to be an amazing ride which you will see the natural beauty of the West Coast. It starts at Shantytown and finishes at Moana Lake Brunner.

We request you read this information before you start the Race. We do not want anyone starting the ride without having read this brief and having a clear understanding of the rides and what it entails. If you do not read this, you are not only risking yourself, but other riders.

Shantytown parking:
When arriving at Shantytown, come in the main entrance and turn hard right into the paddock, you will be directed from there for parking. Please refer the website for parking, SUV’s in the top car park, cars in the lower car park.
Toilets, coffee, and breakfasts are all available in Shantytown.

Race briefing Cockeye Creek Riders:
This will be at 9.15am Cockeye Creek briefing. The briefing will be on the start line. All riders must be present if you are not present you will not start. This will be outside the Golden Nugget Hotel.

Race briefing Mosquito Creek Riders:
This will be at after the Cockeye Creek riders have left Shantytown. The briefing will be on the start line. All riders must be present if you are not present you will not start. This will be outside the Golden Nugget Hotel.

Race Starts 9.30am.
Cockeye Creek Riders will start first at 9:30, followed by Mosquito Creek Riders 10-15 minutes later, this depends on the speed the Cockeye Creek riders clear Shantytown.
In your Race Pack, you will receive a Race Number and cable ties. Please place your Race Number on the front of your handlebars, it must be visible throughout the ride. No Number, No Start! The numbers are required to confirm placings via video at the finish.

The Start:
The start will see all riders ride through Shantytown, out on to the road, look out for the train, chickens, and the cat. We recommend fastest riders to the front and slower riders to the back. Once the peloton gets out on to the road you will have opportunities of moving up the field, there are a couple of small hills in the first 5km and the peloton will spread out before going into bush.

Cockeye Creek:
While riding up Cockeye Creek you will have several creek crossings, many of these can be ridden, although, this will depend on your biking skills and the height of the creek, you will get wet feet. Pease take care with these crossings and respect other riders around you.

Mosquito Creek:
Riders will have the first 10km on the road as you travel up to the entrance to Mosquito Creek. While it is named a creek, there is no water, just a couple of hills. At the 19km or thereabouts, you may see other riders coming from a different direction or you may be past by faster riders. These riders will be riders who have done Cockeye Creek. Both routes merge at this intersection.

Nemona Road:
As you come out of Cockeye Creek and on to Nemona Road. You may be asked for your race number by an Official, if you are please give them your number if asked. We do not want to be looking for people because you have not told us your correct number.

Nemona Road has a couple of uphills, these feel like they go on and on. But they do end.
At the end of Nemona Road you will merge with the Mosquito Creek riders, if you are passing these riders call out that you are passing.

Ogilvies Road:
Once you go on to Ogilvies Road, you stay on this for about 8km until you reach the turn off to go down Maori Creek Road, this will be approximately the 27km mark look for the pink arrows painted on the roads and warnings for downhills.

Just before you come to Maori Creek Road you will come to some rocks on the road, be careful here. You can ride through these, but the roads have not been driven on for a couple of years and the streams are starting to take over. If you have to walk on this downhill section do so.

Maori Creek Road:
You are on this road for about 1km and is very downhill and straight. It has fantastic views but we recommend that you watch where you’re going. At the bottom there is a sharp left on to Dobsons Road, after 200m you will turn left into the dairy farm. This road is called Elephant Road but is not sign posted. Again look for the pink painted arrows on the road.

Once on Elephant Road which travels around the Dairy Farm, this is a working dairy farm, please give way to stock and vehicles as anything can happen on a farm beyond our control, please respect the stock and farmer. You will come out of the farm onto the seal at Dobson’s Road

You will be on this for about 1km before coming on to Arnold Valley Road.

Arnold Valley Road:
As you come on to Arnold Valley Road this will be controlled by Stop/Go’s although normal road rules do apply and be prepared to stop. You will be on Arnold Valley Road for around 400metres then turn off to Thomas Brunner Driver.

Thomas Brunner Drive:
Short uphill ride, then turn left into the track, over/under the gate and ride through the moss and bee farms until you come out at the subdivision above Lake Brunner. Go through the gates on the road, if for any reason the big gate isn’t open go through the smaller swing gate on your right. Then follow the Pink Arrows on the ground and ride on the seal road until it ends. This is the same as last year but different to earlier years. The subdivision has been developed and houses are now where the ride use to go.

From the subdivision, you go to the lake side, along the board walk to the swing bridge to cross the Arnold Valley River. The swing bridge is limited to 10 riders only, if you are asked to wait by a marshal, you must wait, we do not want this overloaded and any issue happening. Sorry but this is just part of the ride.

After the swing bridge, you will come out close to the boat ramp where you turn hard left up on to the road across the One Lane Bridge and stay on this road for approximately 800m until you reach the Hotel and Finish Line.

Throughout the ride there will pink Glo Kote sprayed on the ground showing the direction.

Prize giving:
Prize giving will be held approximately 15 minutes after the last competitor has finished, we estimate this to be between 1:30 and 2:00pm at Hotel Lake Brunner.

There are category prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings and spot prizes. You have to be present to receive both category and spot prizes.

All finishes will receive in their Race Packs a Monteith’s passport, which can be redeemed at Hotel Lake Brunner to enjoy a cold beer after the ride. We recommend you safe this until after the ride. There will be food and coffee available at the hotel afterward.

Transport before the event:
This van will leave Moana at 7:30am to Shantytown. Please be at the Hotel Lake Brunner Moana. 7:30am is the time the van leaves.

Transport after prize-giving:
Transport back will be after prize giving and at this stage we have a coach arriving at 2:30pm. All bikes will go into the haulage trailer, or in the van if required.

If you do come off your bike during the ride and suffer an injury, we have Medics situated around the course and with the recent harvesting, mobile reception is much better. We recommend you put the Race Directors number 027 226 7769 into your phone just in case. Please do not leave a voice message, txt is better and quicker than if it goes to voice mail.

Do not call 111 as this will delay the response as we have our own medics on the course.
If someone is injured in the forest area, the exit process could well be by helicopter.

Tail-end Charlie:
We have a Tail-End Charlie riding through Cockeye and vehicle following through Mosquito Creek to the intersection. Cockeye Creek Tail-End Charlie will help anyone that may have any bike issues, please make sure you know how to change a tube, if you get a puncture or change a link in your chain if it was to break.

Health/Wellbeing and Ability:
We ask again that you have entered in the correct event for your capabilities and are fit enough with the capabilities to complete the distance you have entered in. We emphasis this for your health and well-being.

You have signed the Covid-19 waiver when registering and we again ask the following:

In the last 4 weeks have you been unwell with any of the following symptoms:

High temperature, Fever or chills, Cough, Runny nose, Sneezing, Shortness of breath, Sore throat, Loss of taste or smell, Chest Pain or Headache

At any time have you tested positive for COVID-19?
In the last 14 days have you been in contact with anyone that is a confirmed case of COVID-19.

If you have answered yes to any of the above or are over the age of 70 or are immune compromised, can you confirm that you have received medical advice to confirm that you are safe to partake in this physical activity?

CJM’S Events Ltd is committed to the Event Sector Voluntary Code, you can download and view this at

Please support our major sponsors Monteith’s Brewery, Shantytown, Lake Brunner Hotel, R-Line Electrolytes, Lifecare Medical, Avon City Ford, Traffic R Us, Lone Goat Vineyard, Hokitika Cycles, Sports World Greymouth, Thule, Ngui Tahu Forest Estates, Glo Kote, Development West Coast in this great event.

Safe cycling and see you all on the start line!

From 7:30am
Feb. 7, 2021
Under 18: $39.00 Adults: $79.00
Grey District

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