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1st - 30th November 2020

The West Coast, a Foodies paradise!

November brings a celebration of West Coast food and beverages, we call it Naturally West Coast Food 2020.

The month-long event showcases gastronomic delights created with the region's finest produce and ingredients. Participating restaurants and cafés offer a signature dish using a key ingredient sourced from the West Coast's Untamed Natural Wilderness. This could be anything from wild game, whitebait, fresh produce to West Coast salmon.

Celebrate the great things with us! From Karamea to Haast, fill your plate with West Coast signature dishes.




South Westland

Naturally West Coast Food - Growers & Producers

The West Coast is an Untamed, Natural, Wilderness of lush green pastures, fertile soils, and cool, clear water. From this pristine and bountiful land comes some of the world’s purest, most delicious and nutritious food and drink.

Take your taste buds on a culinary adventure with the best of the West!

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