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The Blackball's Inn & 08 Cafe - Goat Shank Redemption

Blackball - Goat Shank Redemption

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Goat Shank Redemption

Price: $32 for Goat Shank Redemption & one Little Red Ale

This tasty dish features two goat shanks with bush-sourced horopito gravy on a smooth bed of mash, with locally grown pumpkin topped with shaved parmesan, All with sprinklings of horopito Included is a bottle of Greymouth’s very own boutique brewed, Hopaholic’s 'Little Red’ beer.

“Goat Shank Redemption is a tribute to the four-legged intruders that have amused, and angered us plateau dwellers for years - goats of all shapes and sizes. They’ve lived under houses, slept in carports, eaten gardens, congregated on the road at night. Until we’d had enough and help arrived. Some were driven into the hills, while others succumbed to a marksman’s bow. So cheers goats."

Please phone first for the Goat Shank Redemption dish (03-732 4888).

Naturally West Coast Ingredient:

  • West Coast wild goat
  • Locally grown pumpkin
  • Handpicked & dried horopito

Naturally West Coast beverage match:

Blackball's Inn & 08 Cafe

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