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Karamea - Last Resort Karamea

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Miss Piggy West Coast

Price: $32

Compressed with Monteith’s Apple Cider, you have a Pork Belly dish that is so decadently juicy and heavenly you might just make a pig of yourself!

A dish that includes cracker crackling from Karaka Small goods - Karamea’s local butcher and small goods supplier - it doesn’t get much better than this.

In keeping with the local theme (in fact, all ingredients are sourced within 5km) the full dish comprises ingredients sourced carefully by the team for the best, most fresh local produce – including items sold at the local market which raises funds for local community projects.

Naturally West Coast Ingredients:

ALL of the ingredients are local!

  • Monteiths - Monteiths Apple Cider
  • Eggplants
  • Spiced chorizo
  • Homemade sambal sauce
  • Tomatoes from NZ-famous Karamea Tomatoes
  • Local honey glaze
  • Garnished with fresh hand-picked watercress.

Naturally West Coast beverage match:

Not that it needs any washing down, succulent as it is, but on a hot summer’s day Miss Piggy West Coast is a match made in heaven with Monteith’s Summer Ale!

Last Resort Karamea

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