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Awatuna Sunset Lodge - Waimea Creek Whitebait Fritters

Awatuna - Awatuna Sunset Lodge

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Waimea Creek Whitebait Fritters

Price: $15.00

Elizabeth and Selwyn Meaclem are serving up the iconic Coast dish, whitebait fritters, with the ingredients sourced from their amazing backyard at Awatuna Sunset Lodge.

Naturally West Coast Ingredients:

  • Whitebait freshly caught from Waimea Creek
  • Free-range eggs from Awatuna Sunset Lodge's resident chickens
  • Freshly baked white bread by Elizabeth
  • Westgold butter
  • A squeeze of lemon from the lemon trees in the garden
  • A sprig of parsley grown in the backyard

Awatuna Sunset Lodge

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