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Camping on the West Coast of New Zealand: Tips for a comfortable sleep

Camping is becoming increasingly popular in on the West Coast of New Zealand with countless nature enthusiasts taking to the great outdoors every year.

April 10, 2019

Camping by a lake

Camping is becoming increasingly popular in on the West Coast of New Zealand with countless nature enthusiasts taking to the great outdoors every year.

While there is no shortage of superb camping locations on the coast, such as the Lake Kaniere Campsite and Punakaiki Beach Camp, there are other important considerations to keep in mind when planning a camping trip.

Enjoying a good night’s rest while getting acquainted with Mother Nature is often of big concern and even prevents many would-be campers from camping overnight.

Thankfully, there are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure that you remain well-rested while camping in some of the most untouched areas of New Zealand.

Get a good sleeping bag

The West Coast typically boasts mild summers and pleasant winters with frost rarely posing a threat to campers.

Don’t be fooled by the agreeable weather into thinking that you can do without a quality sleeping bag.

If you want to get a good night’s rest, you will need to make your sleeping arrangements as comfortable as possible: which includes investing in a quality sleeping bag.

Conduct some research before parting with any money and don’t disregard the countless customer reviews you are bound to come across on the internet.

Consider all your options carefully, weighing up the pros and cons of square sleeping bags, mummy sleeping bags, and sleeping pods before you settle on one that will suit your specific needs the best.

Get yourself off the ground

If you have difficulty sleeping while camping, it may be time to get yourself off the ground. Unless you sleep in a camper van, it is almost impossible to find a level piece of ground to sleep comfortable on while camping.

While there are various types of sleeping mats on the market, they may not quite suffice, especially if you are camping on very rocky terrain.

Thankfully there are a number of ways you can get yourself off the ground and improve your sleep tremendously. Air mattresses and cots both promise to improve the quality of your rest by putting some distance between you and the ground.

Hammocks are also fast gaining popularity as the camping sleeping arrangement of choice.

Not only does a hammock allow you to sleep securely under the stars but also guarantees extreme comfort for sleeping and relaxation purposes.

Keep sandflies and other bugs at bay

If you have camped on the West Coast before you will more than likely have encountered the wrath of the NZ sandfly. While some people are fortunate enough to barely itch from the bites, others experience extreme anguish.

When camping, you definitely want to keep sandflies, mosquitoes and other bugs at bay, especially while trying to sleep. Where possible, keep your tent flap closed to prevent any bugs from entering and also invest in a good bug repellent spray or lotion and a couple of citronella candles.

Remember to put out any candles before going to bed at night as the last thing you want is for your tent or the surrounding to go up in flames while you sleep.

Getting enough sleep is of paramount importance, even when out camping.

By making the effort to ensure that you sleep as comfortably as possible you will also ensure that your entire camping trip is as enjoyable and memorable as possible.