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Fox Glacier Slip in Action

Fox Glacier Slip in Action

Nov. 5, 2018

DOC Press Release Nov 2018

DOC Press Release

5 November 2018 

Walking and road access to Fox Glacier Valley is restricted currently due to heavy rain over the weekend (November 3 and 4) triggering a large landslip that has caused the river to flow over the road. 

 The slip has not affected the main highway to Fox or Haast which remain open. 

 Wayne Costello, South Westland Operations Manager says though vehicles and walkers can’t get access currently, scenic flights over Fox Glacier are still operating. 

“Glacier Country has two glacier valleys – the Franz Josef Glacier Valley and the Fox Glacier Valley. Vehicle and foot access is open in the Franz Josef Valley and aircraft flights are available over both glaciers. Lake Matheson, famous for its magnificent mirror-like reflections of the Southern Alps is a wonderful alternative walk in Glacier Country.” 

“At this time, we are unsure how long access to the valley will be restricted. We are currently assessing options and would need to wait until it is safe and practical to do work, if that is feasible. We will be seeking the advice of geotechnical and civil engineers when looking at options for remediation work.”  

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