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What to do in and around Westport

While you're in Westport, try some of these activities, all less than a 40 minute drive from town.


Aug. 27, 2018

Lighthouse Walk Westport Buller people.jpg

While you're in Westport, try some of these activities, all less than a 40 minute drive from town.

South of Westport


25 minutes on State Highway 6.

Historical gold mining area where thousands of people lived in the gold rush era of the late 1800s. Hannah's shoe store started out here.

Activities include:

  • Underworld Adventures.
  • Johhny's Journey with Outwest Tours.
  • Historic gold mine exploring.
  • Constant Bay clifftop walk.
  • Nile River Lagoon - Swimming.
  • Cafe.

East of Westport

Buller Gorge

20 minutes on State Highway 6.

Take a drive through the wild and picturesque valley formed by the Buller gorge to Hawks Crag where the road has been cut through the rock face.

Activities include:

  • Trout fishing.
  • Scenic river views.
  • Buller Gorge Swingbridge.
  • Buller Canyon Jet.
Buller Gorge, West Coast New Zealand


Beaches and estuaries

  • North Beach and mouth of the Buller River.
  • Surfing.
  • Fishing.
  • Bird watching.
  • Orowaiti Lagoon.

Walking and mountain biking

  • Kawatiri River Trail - From the Yacht Club car park, across the bridges and boardwalks over the lagoon and the track out to North Beach and return.
  • The Millennium Track - Buller Bridge to the town centre.
  • The Domain - Menzies Street, walking only.

Heritage, culture and entertainment

  • i-SITE Information Centre.
  • Coaltown Museum.
  • NBS Theatre for movies.
  • "John Deere Museum"
  • Mini Golf - Westport Kiwi Holiday Park.
  • Oraowaiti Cemetery.

Bazils Surf Hostel

South West of Westport

Carters Beach

Five minutes on State Highway 67A

Great surf beach for walking, swimming and Westport's golf course and airport.

Activities include:

  • Swimming and surfing.
  • Surf cast fishing.
  • 18-hole golf course.
  • Children's playground and domain.
  • Restaurant/cafe.

Cape Foulwind

15 minutes on State Highway 67A

Stunning coastal views from the lighthouse car park or take a walk down the track to the beach.

Activities include:

  • Clifftop walk from the lighthouse to Tauranga Bay (1.5 hours one way).
  • Stunning coastal views.
  • Community domain.
  • Access to the beach by track.
  • Country pub and restaurant.

Tauranga Bay and Okari Beach

Beautiful ocean beaches and wildlife.

  • Seal colony and sea bird sanctuary.
  • Wekas.
  • Surfing.
  • Okari Lagoon - Bird watching.
  • Restaurant with stunning sea views.

Tauranga Bay

North of Westport

Gentle Annie, Mokihinui, Seddonville

40 minutes on State Highway 67

Gentle Annie and Mokihinui are situated either side of the Mokihinui River mouth. Peaceful and charming beachside settlements.

Activities include:

  • Walking and mountain biking tracks.
  • Fishing in the sea for Kahawai or snapper.
  • Fishing in the river for trout or whitebait.
  • Glow worms at Chasm Creek (night only).
  • Cafe.


A beautiful hidden valley, gateway to the northern end of Charming Creek Walkway and the amazing Old Ghost Road track.

Activities include:

  • Walking and mountain biking.
  • Kayaking.
  • Country style pub.
  • Old Ghost Road.
  • Charming Creek Walkway (northern end).

Old Ghost Road

Hector, Ngakawau, Millerton, Granity

30 minutes on State Highway 67.

These historic coal mining housing settlements nestled between the mountains and the sea are a charming rustic slice of the West Coast.

Fossick for gemstones or fish from the unpopulated beaches.

Activies include:

  • Spot a Hector's Dolphin from the beach.
  • Hector Country Music Museum.
  • Local arts and crafts galleries in Ngakawau and Granity.
  • Charming Creek Walkway (southern end).
  • Country style pub in Ngakawau and Granity.
  • Historic mine bathhouse in Millerton.
  • Granity Museum.
  • Beachfront restaurant in Granity.

North east of Westport

Denniston Plateau

40 minutes on State Highway 67

The panoramic coastal view from this plateau is not to be missed.

The story of the early miners' lives on this wild plateau are an unique part of New Zealand history.

Turn off at Waimangaroa (15 minutes).

  • Historic coal mine site.
  • Famous Denniston Incline.
  • Denniston Museum.
  • Panoramic coastal views.
  • Moutain biking.
  • Denniston Excursion with OutWest Tours.