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A range of links, tips and helpful hints on to run and set up your business. See Strategic Partners for more information too.

Starting a business

If you are planning to start a business on the West Coast of New Zealand, there are few things you need to know and arrange to set one up.

We recommend the following resources to help you:

  • The Inland Revenue Tool for Business website has easy to understand guides and processes to help you set up your business.
  • Understand your market, we recommend reading our Fact Book (PDF 9.4MB) or visit the Stats NZ website for more insights into the West Coast.
  • Become Qualmark accredited. Qualmark is New Zealand tourism’s official quality assurance organisation, providing a trusted guide to quality travel experiences.
  • VisaView is an online system for employers and education providers. Registered users can use it to check if a person is allowed to work or study in New Zealand.

Trade tips

Are you trade ready? This is the question we ask operators all the time, but do you know what it means?

To quote Tourism New Zealand: 

"To take part in Tourism New Zealand’s famil programme, your product must be commissionable and ideally already being sold through international wholesalers or retailers."

The travel distribution system

Unless the customer comes to you direct, commission is paid at each stage of travel distribution. Pricing to accommodate commission is the first and most important tactic an operator wishing to work with international visitors needs to consider.

The diagrams below show the expansion from the traditional distribution channel of working with international visitors to the current model. The significat change is the rise of the Online Travel Agents (OTAs).

Traditional travel distribution system

Traditional Distribution Channels

Current travel distribution system

Current travel distribution system

How much commission should I pay?


Add a listing to Tourism New Zealand's website

A presence on can help grow your business by connecting you with consumers considering a visit to New Zealand. A key role of the website is to drive qualified traffic to your website, email inbox or telephone.

There is no charge for listing on and your business information has the potential to be distributed widely through our partnerships with some of New Zealand’s regional tourism organisations.

Travel trade trips

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Be nimble.
  3. Know your operators/members.
  4. Be export ready.
  5. Destination content.
  6. Follow up.

Tourism Rendezvous New Zealand

Tourism Rendezvous New Zealand (TRENZ) is NZ's biggest annual business-to-business travel and trade event. It brings together tourism businesses, tourism wholesalers and media from around the globe.

Work with Tourism West Coast

If you have a new product on the West Coast, would like to promote its presence, and are trade ready, we want to hear from you.

We also welcome businesses including our Untamed Natural Wilderness logos in creative and branding.